reede, 23. jaanuar 2015

Konstruktsioon töötab/The construction works

Konstruktsioon toimib kenasti. Esialgu läksin hoogu kasvatustega, iseenesest poleks selles midagi halba, aga lõng on suhteliselt jäme ja siis tekkisid paksud voldid. Harutasin pisut tagasi, nüüd on korras.
The construction works fine. In the beginning I was carried away with the increases; nothing critical in itself but the yarn is relatively bulky and there would be thick folds. I ripped a little bit and now iti is fine.


2 kommentaari:

oldnanny ütles ...

So far looks great, I like very much not only the shoulder line but the pattern itself too! Waiting for more :-)

Anna ütles ...

Oldnanny, thank you, I like how it turned out. Cannot reveal more, I am afraid, because I want to suggest the top to our crafts magazine. But promise in due course there will be pictures.