teisipäev, 14. juuli 2015

Paellõnga proovilapp/A swatch from a ribbon yarn

Kiire aeg, kirjutan lühidalt. Teatavasti oli eelmisel reedel WW sünnipäev, ostsin sealt huvitavat paellõnga nimega Dublin, 70 % puuvill, 30 % lina (100 g/200 m). Kohe poes tegin proovilapi, siis on kõigil kasu: 1) veendusin, et lõng meeldib mulle; 2) poes on proovilapp olemas ja 3) kliendid näevad kohe ka, mis lõngaga on tegu.
Busy times and this post will be short. As you know, last Friday WW yarnshop celebrated its birthday and I purchased some lovely ribbon yarn named Dublin, 70 % cotton, 30 % linen (100 g/200 m). I made a swatch right in the shop to everyone's advantage: 1) I got a proof that the yarn is indeed to my liking; 2) the store has a swatch on display and 3) clients can see at once what kind of yarn it is.
Lõng on tegelikult täitsa must, aga sealses valguses tuli selline pilt. Kudusin 4 mm vardaga ja pesin proovilapi läbi, siis selgus, et lõng paisub ja hea oleks vähemalt 4,5 mm varras (labase koe jaoks isegi prooviks 5 mm-ga).
The yarn is black in reality but this is how the photo turned out in that light. I knitted it with 4 mm needles and then washed the swatch, then it became apparent that the yarn grows bigger and it would be good to try at least 4.5 mm needles (for stockinette I would even try 5 mm).

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