laupäev, 25. juuli 2015

Vana topi pildid/Pictures of an old top

Mõne kudumiga on nii, et ei saa kohe pildistatud. Aga lõpuks ikka. Sonata, suur tänu!
It happens with some knits that it is impossible to take pictures at once. But eventually pictures are taken. Sonata, many thanks!
Sonata, ačiū labai!
Nagu näete, see topp on tegelikult sinise topi prototüüp. Sinise topi pilte tuleb ka, aga ühes teises seoses.
As you can see, this top is actually a prototype of this blue top. There will be pictures of the blue top as well, albeit in a different connection.
Lõng/Yarn: Schulgarn (100 % puuvill/cotton), Schoeller + Stahl, 50 g/115 m, ~ 740 m.
Vardad/Needles:  3,5 mm

2 kommentaari:

Jolande ütles ...

I love this pattern!

Anna ütles ...

Jolande, you are always very kind, thank you!