kolmapäev, 19. september 2018

Sviiter tütrele/A sweater for my daughter

Teen nüüd tütrele sviitri, see on selle kollase mitte-identne kaksik. Laiuses on tihedus enam-vähem sama, aga  kõrguses (s.o. ridade tihedus) mitte. Seetõttu on kalkulatsioon sarnane, aga mitte päris sama. Varrukatel on pisut teistsugune konstruktsioon, aga sellest kirjutan hiljem, kui on rohkem kootud.
I am making a sweater for my daugther, it is a non-identical twin of this yellow sweater. The gauge in the width is more or less the same but not in the hight (that is, row gauge). For this reason my calculations is similar but not exactly te same. The sleeves have a slightly different construction but I will write about this once I will have knitted some more.

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