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Üks ajakiri/A magazine

Olen Saksamaal. Saksamaal müüakse kudumisajakirju ja mustrivihikuid igal pool, nt mõnes raudteejaama kioskis jms. Eestis on saadaval Verena, Filati Handstrick, Diana jms väiksemad ajakirjad. Siin on muidugi valik laiem. Annika on ilmelt šveitsi ajakiri. Mulle tundus päris huvitav, teen väikse ülevaate.
I am in Germany. In Germany knitting magazines and small stitch dictionaries are being sold everywhere, for instance, in kiosks at railway stations etc. In Estonia you can get Verena, Filati Handstrick, Diana and some smaller magazines. Of course, here the choice is bigger. Annika is probably a Swiss magazine. It appeared quite interesting and here is a little review.
Soovitatavad lõngad on Schulanna või Langi omad. Ilmselt on see lõngafirmade ajakiri. On päris õige, et lõngafirmadel on oma disainerid ja ajakirjad. Kahju, et meil Eestis on see raha- ja inimressursi tõttu võimatu.
Recommended yarns are either by Schulanna or by Lang. Probably, the magazine belongs to yarn producers. It is rather logical that yarn companies have their own designers and magazines. Unfortunately, due to the lack of financial and human resources, this appears rather impossible in Estonia. 
Päris palju on reljeefseid mustreid. Üsna mitu on kimono-varrukaga sviitreid; alumise pildi sviiter on kootud põiki. Huvitav on, et õpetused on suhteliselt lühikesed, samas on minu arust selged. Eeldatakse, et põhioskused on olemas. Kui mõni kudum on lihtne, siis on vastav märge olemas. Enamasti on antud 2 suurust või on mõni ebamäärane S-M või 36-38. Haruharva on 3 või 4 suurust. Samas pean ütlema, et õpetused ei ole ülekoormatud ja mustriskeemid on igal pool antud.
There are many textured patterns. Quite a lot of kimono sleeve sweaters; in the lower picture the sweater has been knitted sideways. Noteworthy, the instructions are relatively brief and at the same time rather clear, in my view. It is supposed that a knitter has basic skills. If some knit is easy, it is mentioned. Mostly 2 sizes are provided or rather indefinite S-M or 36-38. Very seldom there are 3 or 4 sizes. Still, I think that the instructions are not too detailed and everywhere charts are given.

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Hello Anna,

I did not know "Annika". It's a Swiss magazine with patterns from various yarn brands. The magazine belonging to Lang Yarns is "Fatto a mano" or FAM. I think yarn shops have even a larger choice of magazines than kiosks at railway stations.

Have a nice time in Germany (we had our monthly Knit Night meeting at MyLys in Hamburg on Friday …). Are there such knitting meetings in Tallinn? I’ll be there end of October :-)

Lizzy (Lizzy Maille)

Diana ütles ...

This journal has some lovely models. I have never heard of this publication before.. thank for writting about it :-)

Rosenherz ütles ...

Hello Anna!

I am from Austria and I am happy about your weblog.

Anna ütles ...

Lizzy, thank you! I wrote to you on Ravelry.

Diana, thanks!

Rosenherz, vielen Dank! Ich freue mich, wenn mein Weblog jemandem interessant ist.

Rosenherz ütles ...

Hallo Anna!
Du sprichst deutsch? Wunderbar!
Wie kommt das, dass du diese Sprache verstehst und sprichst? Hast du Deutsch in der Schule gelernt?

Dein Weblog gehört für mich zur täglichen Rundschau, und mir gefallen deine Strickmodelle und die Wolle, die du aussuchst.

Zu Annika: das ist eine Strickzeitschrift, die sich besonders mit eher einfach zu strickenden Modellen beschäftigt.

Herzliche Grüße

Anna ütles ...

Rosenherz, vielen Dank! Ich habe Deutsch ein bischen an der Uni gelernt und ich lese ganz frei.