neljapäev, 9. detsember 2010


Sall on valmis ja peaaegu kuiv. Siin on paar väikest vihjet. Enam-vähem õige värv on ülemisel pildi.
The scarf is finished and almost dry. Here are a couple of little hints. The upper picture renders the colour more or less accurately.

Saksamaalt toodud lõngast alustasin midagi uut.
I started something new with the yarn I have brought in Germany.

Võib tunduda, justkui see on mohäär.
It may seem that this is mohair.

Ka mina arvasin nii.
I thought the same.

Siiski silt räägib midagi muud.
Still, the sign says otherwise.

Poes oli proovilapp üsna tihke olemisega. Ilmselt 3,5 mm vardaga. Mul on aga hoopis 4,5 mm. Vahelduse mõttes on hea kududa labases parempidises koes. Sellest tuleb pikkade hõlmadega vest või jakk, olenevalt sellest, milleks lõnga jätkub. Nagu näha, vestihakatis on juba täiesti olemas. Kuna värv on tume ja lõng on suhteliselt karvane, otsustasin, et ei tee mustrit.
A swatch in the shop had been rather tightly knitted. Probably, with 3.5 mm needles. I am knitting with 4,5 mm though. For a change, it is nice to knit in stockinette stitch. It will be a vest or a cardigan with long front parts, depending on how much yarn I have. As you can see, a prototypical vest is already done. Whereas the colour is on a dark side and the yarn is relatively fluffy, I decided against stitch pattern.

3 kommentaari:

deenulya ütles ...

Beautiful scarf Anna :-)) This lace pattern is unusual and lovely :-))

Kate/Massachusetts ütles ...

Lovely scarf! The blue is so pretty! Is the leaf pattern the same one as in Physalis? I am knitting your scarf pattern that you shared with us last week! It is pleasant to knit. I must knit quickly because it has gotten so cold!

Anna ütles ...

Deena, thank you!

Kate, thanks! Yes, it is the Physalis pattern with some minor modifications. You can see that I added a small mock-cable along the vertical border. I am glad that you like the pattern and already knit it!