pühapäev, 7. märts 2010

Kumb pool?/Which side up?

Alustasin täna 3-ndat tokki. Nüüd on read juba pikemad. Vaatasin, et n-ö pahupool on ka kena:
I started the 3rd skein today. Now the rows are much longer. I discovered that so-called wrong side is also nice:
Värv pole õige, kuid faktuur on nähtav.
The colour is not the right one but the texture is visible.

Ja see on nn parem pool.
And here is the so-called right side.

Ja natuke mägesid:
And a little bit of hilly landscape:

Kuna see on firma tellimus, pole aimu, kumb on tellijate meelest parem, kumb pahem pool. Aga minugipoolest võiks kanda nii ja naa.
As this is an order for a firm, I have now idea which side, according to them, is right and which is wrong. As for me, I think the shawl is wearable both ways.

3 kommentaari:

Hepsi ütles ...

Kauniilta näyttää edelleen!

Eliana ütles ...

Go, go fast my friend! I'm very curious to see your shawl :)

Anna ütles ...

Heli, kiitos! Harmi vaan, että väri ei tule kuvissa oikein.

Eliana, thank you, you are so kind! I have not decided yet about the edge but so far I can knit further with this stitch pattern.