Teisipäev, 18. juuli 2017

Topp valmis/The top is completed

Nüüd on topp täiesti valmis. Sonata, tänan piltide eest.
Now the top is absolutely completed. Sonata, thanks for the pitures!
Sonata, labai ačiū už nuotaukas!
Lõng/Yarn: 1) Ella (Lang Yarns), 50 g/160 m, ~ 560 m; 2) Safran (Drops), 50 g/160 m, ~ 30 g (90 m).
Vardad/Needles: 3 mm, 3,5 mm
Kasutasin Safranit viimistluseks. Põhilõng on ebaühtlane, kohati lausa nagu niit. Äär peaks siiski olema stabiilne, nii et see oli õige otsus.
I used Safran for finishing. The main yarn is uneven and sometimes more like a thread. The edges should be solid, so it was a right decision.

2 kommentaari:

Marry ütles ...

Hi Anna, first: I like your designs. This top is also BEAUTIFULL!

One question: is there a possebility to buy your book "seamless knitting" as an e-book?


Anna ütles ...

Hi Marry,

thank you! Unfortunately, there is no e-book (I have no idea why the publishing house would not do it). I suggest you to write to them and urge to make an e-version.