reede, 13. aprill 2012

Olen praegu Taanis, Aarhusis. Polnud üldse aega kusagil käia, kuid täna õhtul kõndisin vanalinnas ja juhuslikult tuli vastu lõngapood, mis oli veel lahti. Astusin sisse. Poe nimi on Ingers, perenaise nime jägi. Kohe nägin, et on midagi tuttavat, kuna mitmeid disaine olen imetlenud Ravelrys. Pildil on külalislahke perenaine Inge Möldrup. Soovitan uurida Ravelrys tema loomingut.
I am in Aarhus, Denmark right now. Had no time to go around but tonight I walked in the old city and saw accidentally a yarn shop that was still open. I went in. The name of the shop is Ingers after the owner. I immediately noticed some familiar designs I had marked and admired on Ravelry. The friendly hostess Inge Möldrup is in the pictue. I recommend to look up her creations on Ravelry.
 Poes müüakse mitmesugust lõnga, aga ka perenaise oma. Enamasti on vill, villa ja siidi, villa ja alpaka segu ja hästi palju värve.
The shop carries yarns by differrent manufacturers but also that of the owner. Mostly it is wool, wool-silk or wool-alpaca blend in a lot of colours.
Poes võib osta Hanne Falkenbergi õpetusi. Nagu näha, müüakse komplekte: lõng koos õpetusega. Hanne Falkenbergi disain on mulle samuti tuttav.
One can also by Hanne Falkenberg's pattens. As you can see, there are kits available (yarn and pattern). Hanne Falkenberg's designs are also familiar to me.
Thank you!

3 kommentaari:

Robin ütles ...

Oh Anna, you are so funny, you 'accidentally' noticed a yarn shop? Hehehe. And how very fun to just be wandering about in Denmark and find a cute yarn shop! :)

Diana ütles ...

A lot of great colors in this shop. Did you buy something for yourself? ;-))

Anna ütles ...

Robin, believe me or not but my days were quite long and I thought I have no time to look for yarn shops. Besides, I thought that once I am free, everything is closed anyway. The shop is indeed cute!

Diana, thanks. No, I did not buy anything because 1) I usually buy with a certain idea in mind (Estonian wool is an exception because I know it will be used sooner or later) and 2) after Estonian yarn prices these prices appear too high.