teisipäev, 4. september 2012

Jälle rätik/Shawl again

Tavaliselt pole mul mitut asja töös samal ajal. Nüüd on see haruldane juhtum käes. Nimelt, alustasin midagi, oodates lõnga (ei saa kudumata istuda!), eile sain lõnga kätte. Käsil on rätik, pean kiiresti valmis saama. Sellest rätikust räägin koolitusel. Laupäeval, 15. septembril kl 12 Rocca al Mare Keskuse Liannis õpetan rätikute konstruktsioone. Kes tahab rohkem teada, kirjutage Lianni juhatajale Maarikale: maarika(a)liann.ee, saab registreeruda ja muud infot.
Usually I do not have several projects at the same time. This extremely rare situation is taking place now. Namely, I started something while waiting for yarn (I cannot go around without knitting!), yesterday I got the yarn. It is a shawl that has to be finished soon. I will talk about this shawl during the class I mentioned. On Saturday, Septmber 15 at 12 o'clock I am going to talk about shawl construction in Liann yarn store at Rocca al Mare Centre. If you are interested, please contact the manager Maarika: maarika(a)liann.ee, you can register and get more information.

5 kommentaari:

sajuki ütles ...

looks great !

Diana ütles ...

beautiful beginning :-))

Tanja ütles ...

Hello, i'm a first time here. And if i can i will learn something from you: to knit only one project. How It works? I have a lot at the same time :(

Robin ütles ...

Haha! I hate to not have a knitting project ready to go when another is almost finished! You are on a shawl kick it appears, and I know it will be gorgeous. :)

Anna ütles ...

Sajuki, thank you!

Diana, thanks, I like the yarn, it would be lovely for a jacket or sweater with some 3-D pattern or diagonals.

Tanja, welcome! I saw your profile, if you want, you can comment in Russian. Well, to answer your question, I don't know what the trick is. This is maybe just me, cannot imagine doing several things at a time. One idea requires complete dedication. But while I am knitting one project, I am thinking about the next one, looking for stitch patterns etc.

Robin, thanks! See the previous comment: I usually have in mind what will be the next. However, I don't like unfinished knits hauntign me:). This case is clear, I am going to finish the shawl in the nearest future and maybe get it tested, and then go back to the jacket.