neljapäev, 9. mai 2013

Ikka valesti/It has gone all wrong

Nagu selgub, ei taha see muster n-ö alustamist. Avastasin väikse vea, mõtlesin, et harutan paar rida. Võtsin juba üsna suure rätiku varrastelt ära ja nägin, et alguse juures on ikka nurk vales kohas. Paistab, et esimene algus tipust oli õigem. Nii et pole midagi, harutan ja alustan uuesti.
As it becomes apparent, this stitch pattern does not want starting from the neck, so to say. I discovered a minor mistake and decided to frog a couple of rows. I took the shawl that has quite grown from the needles and noticed that there is an angle in the beginning at a wrong place. It appears that the first beginning (from the tip) was better, after all. So I see no options here, I will rip it and start all over again.
Ma ei tee harutamisest probleemi, pole midagi hullu. Igal juhul olen midagi õppinud.
I am not problematizing ripping, nothing extraordinary here. In any case, I have learned something.

2 kommentaari:

Diana ütles ...

I agree with you Anna..mistakes teach us something too. I had quiet a few instances when mistakes lead me to new stitches or made me reconsider a shape of a garment. So, at the end it was for the best :-))

Anna ütles ...

Diana, thank you, I never regret this. If there is a mistake you cannot correct (and the shape in this case is something you cannot), then I see no other way.