laupäev, 4. mai 2013

Rätik tütrele/A shawl for my daughter

Kunagi oli meil Dianaga lõngavahetus. Saatsin talle leedu linast, tema aga mulle Louet meriinot. Tütrele meeldis värv ja ta tellis endale kolmnurkse rätiku. Ühe olen just lõpetanud (sellest hiljem), nüüd mõtlesin välja, millise teen tütrele. Siin on väike proovilapp.
Sometimes ago Diana and I had a yarn exchange. I sent her some Lithuanian linen and she sent me Louet merino. My daughter loved the colour and ordered a triangluar shawl. I've just finished one (will talk about it later) and now got an idea what to make for her. Here is a little swatch.
Tegelikkuses on värv rohelisem. Reljeefne kude sobib lõngale hästi.
In reality, the colour is more greenish. The textured pattern goes well with the yarn.

6 kommentaari:

Mia ütles ...

Kaunia alku! mielenkiintoinen tuo pitsikuvio.

fenci ütles ...

I like it a lot! do you have a pattern for it or you are just improvising?

Robin ütles ...

Anna this is beautiful, I can't wait to see your shawl!

Diana ütles ...

Gorgeous beginning :)) I am so glad you love that yarn Anna. Louet Fingering Gems is one of my most favorite 4ply yarns :-))

sajuki ütles ...

great :D

Anna ütles ...

Mia, kiitos!

Fenci, thank you. I heavily modified a stitch from a stitch dictionary. Otherwise than that, I am not using any pattern, if you mean a full pattern for a shawl etc. If this turns out right, I will make a pattern.

Robin, thanks, I like the stitch, it is a fun to knit it.

Diana, thanks a lot. The yarn is great.

Sajuki, thank you!