pühapäev, 12. aprill 2015

Rätiku pilte - lõpuks!/Shawl pictures, finally!

Eile oli ilus ilm ja tegime pilte. Kaidi pildistas mind, suur tänu!
Yesterday the weather was nice and we took pictures. Kaidi photographed me, thanks a lot!
Lõng/Yarn: King Kid Silk 25 g/210 m (mohäär/mohäär, hall/grey 15 g, must/black 15 g), Drops Kid Silk 25 g/200 m (must/black 8 g), Katia Cotton Stretch 50 g/170 m (puuvill/cotton) 33 g, Katia Brisa 50 g/124 m (viskoos-puuvill/rayon-cotton) 50 g.
Vardad/Needles: 4 mm, 4,5 mm

2 kommentaari:

oldnanny ütles ...

I truly like the shawl, it beautifully drapes on your neck! A great example of using the leftovers :-)

Anna ütles ...

Oldnanny, thank you! I usually have difficulties with leftovers because I don't wear multicoloured garments (and no one in my family does). However, this colour combination worked niecely.