esmaspäev, 29. jaanuar 2018

Maokirja sviiter/Snake pattern sweater

Eesti kudumistraditsioonis on selle mustri nimi "maokiri". Inglise keeles olen näinud wasp nest (herilaspesa) ja honeycomb (kärjed), viimane on üsna mitme erineva mustri nimetus. See võib olla labase või ripskoega. Sviiter on valmis.
In Estonian knitting tradition this pattern is called "snake pattern". In English I have encountered "wasp nest" and "honeycomb", the latter referring to several different patterns. It can be entirely in stockinette or with some garter stitch. The sweater is completed.
Lõng on väga jäme, 100 g/100 m (Amalia, mingi bulgaaria firma toodang). Sinist värvi kulus 4,5 tokki, oranži 7,5 tokki, musta ja valget kumbagi peaaegu tokk. Vardad 8 mm.
The yarn is quite bulky, 100 g/100 m (Amalia, produced by a firm in Bulgaria). I used up 4.5 balls of blue, 7.5 balls of oragne and about one ball of black and white each. Needles 8 mm.


2 kommentaari:

oldnanny ütles ...

How different from your other works, but the same beautiful in a way. I like the combination of pattern and colour change between body and ribbing. Great idea! All the best!

Anna ütles ...

Oldnanny, thank you! I am helping out a fellow designer, things come up at the very last moment, as it is tends to be the case in the world of fashion:). I am now back doing my usual things, tomorrow I will post about it :).