reede, 27. november 2009

Pärlkoe kiituseks ja muud/In praise of moss stitch and other matters

Mulle meeldib pärlkude. Tavalise sooniku vastu pole midagi, aga alati ei taha seda. Õhtuvalguses pole pildid head, siiski tahtsin pildistada ja näidata.
I am fond of double moss stitch. I have nothing against usual ribbing but sometimes I don't want it. It is not wise to take pictures in the evening light, still I wanted to show this.

Õige roheline värv on eilsetel piltidel.
Yesterday's pictures show the right green colour.
Oli jälle meelidv uurida Junganswolle kodulehte. Leidsin niisuguse kena mohääritopi:
It was nice to visit once again Junganswolle home site. I found a beautiful mohair top there:

Õpetus on tasuta, väga selge skeem ja seletus. Esialgu kootakse valmis top, siis võetakse üles kaeluse silmad ja kootakse toru, millest saabki krae.
The pattern is free, the graphs and explanations are very clear. First you knit the top and then pick up stitches around the neck and knit a tube, which eventually becomes the collar.

2 kommentaari:

Eliana ütles ...

It's so great to see your inspirations and how you get them... I'm sure that will come great works:)

Anna ütles ...

Eliana, thank you! Right now I have to get more yarn of this colour for the sleeves.