laupäev, 15. jaanuar 2011

Seelik, proovilapp ja mustriraamat/The skirt, the swatch and a pattern book

Kõigepealt näitan seelikut. Umbes pool seelikut on olemas. Sellel pildil on värv enam-vähem õige.
First of all I am showing the skirt. Approximately a half is done. The colour in this picture is rendered more or less accurately.

Juba ammu kootud proovilapp on nüüd Pronksi poes. Lõpuks sain mahti pilidstada. Värvid ei ole pildil päris õiged, kuid muster on nähtav.
The swatch I knitted some time ago is now at the Pronksi yarn shop. Finally, I managed to take a picture. The colours are not exactly right but you can see the pattern.

Ja lõpuks midagi veel. Otustasin vaadata, mida huvitavat on meil Akadeemilises Raamatukogus. Leidsin sellise raamatu:
And finally something else. I decided to look up what we have in our Academic Library. I found this book:

Autorit pole. Väljaandja on OÜ Heili Kirjastus, Pärunu, 1997. Kujunduse järgi saab aru, et see on nn üleminekuperioodi raamat. Sees on mustrid ja skeemid, alguses tingmärgid ja seletused eesti, vene ja saksa keeles.
No author indicated. The publisher is OÜ Heili Kirjastus, Pärunu, 1997. Looking at the layout you realize that this is a book from so-called transition period (mid-1990s). It contains stitch patterns and charts; chart symbols in the beginning are explained in Estonian, Russian and German.
On palju tuttavaid mustreid, kuid on ka midagi mitte nii tavapärast:
There are many familiar patterns but also something not so common:

Mulle meeldis väga tagakaas. Päris hea mõte!
I liked the back cover a lot. Quite a clever idea!

3 kommentaari:

Madam Butterfly ütles ...

Anna, your progress is very beautiful!
I like how designers put together many stitches in one item, but I am not sure if I'd wear such a garment.

Robin ütles ...

What a striking skirt, and you have made so much progress! The stitch pattern in your swatch is beautiful, but I am also very intrigued with the ones in your book.

Anna ütles ...

Lida, thank you! I completely agree with you about the garment. I liked it as an idea of presenting different stitches. Maybe it would be nice as a big warm scarf or a blanket but I would not wear it myself.

Robin, thanks! Yes, the book has many not so usual patterns. I am glad I found it!