neljapäev, 28. jaanuar 2010


Jätkan, paistab, et asi hakkab ilmet võtma. Siin näeb keskmist mustrit. Muide, juba kaks võrdlemisi kudumiskauget inimest on nimetanud seda palmikuks, kuigi tehniliselt pole see mingi palmik. Järjekordne kinnitus, et on olemas n-ö pseudopalmikute mustripere.
I am proceeding, the whole thing starts taking shape. Here you can see the central stitch pattern. By the way, already two more or less knitting-far persons have called this a cable, although technically this is clearly not a cable. Another confirmation that there is a pattern family loosely classifiable as mock cables.

Et oleks selge, kui kaugele olen jõudnud, võrdlesin pluusiga. Lõpetan selle mustrikorra ja eraldan ees- ja tagaosa.
In order to be sure where I am with my work, I compared it with a blouse. I am going to finish the current pattern repeat and to devide the knitting into the front and back parts.

2 kommentaari:

Eliana ütles ...

I love this color tone! Something yellow cream..
Your progress is stunning! I'm very impressed!

Anna ütles ...

Eliana, thank you for all your comments in all consecutive posts:). This is an order, otherwise I must say I am not very enjoying knitting cotton but there are as many opinions as there are knitters. I think I will soon need mohair therapy:)