kolmapäev, 12. mai 2010


Top on peaaegu valmis, kavatsen kududa 5. toki lõpuni. Pikkus on ka päris sobiv. Muster on nüüd nähtav, kuigi seda pinda on väga raske pildistada.
The top is almost finished, I am going to knit to the end of the 5th skein. The length is suitable as well. Now the stitch pattern is visible, although it is difficult to photograph the fabric.

Krae osa:
The part with the collar:

Käeaukude ümber ja külgedel on ripskude:
Garter stitch is around the armholes and along the sides:

Lõng läigib ilusti ja paistab, et on niisuguse konstruktsiooni jaoks just sobiv.
The yarn has a nice shine and appears to be suitable for this construction.

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Anonüümne ütles ...

Anna, from the pictures it looks like this yarn has some nice draping qualities..It might be suitable for a skirt ;-))
Looking forward to seeing it on you. You are so fast :-))) I am still working on my shawl..a week and 1/2 later..but the process of knitting is very enjoyable to me :-))
Deena (deenulya from ravelry)

Anna ütles ...

Deena, thank you! I am not very fast, this is a construction I know quite well and there is a lot of stockinette stitch:). The yarn has indeed beautiful draping qualities. I only hope it will not stretch too much!