neljapäev, 4. november 2010


Kuna mu toas on valgustus lihtsalt jube, pole mõtet pildistada. Ütlen ainult, et kudum edeneb. Kirjutan hoopis mustritest. Siin on muster, millega koon oma rohelist toppi. 6. rida tuleb kududa parempidi, seega on ta paremal pool pahempidine.
As the light in my room is simply dreadful, there is little sense in taking pictures. I can just say that my knitting is progressing. Instead I will write about stitch patterns. Here is the lace pattern I use in my green top. The 6th row is knit on wrong side, so it will appear as purls on the right side.

Võib ka nii teha, et nn lainerida on hoopis pahempidine. Valged "tornid" on 2 ph kokku.
You can make the "wave row" in purl sitches. The white "towers" are p 2 tog.

Ja siis võib reljeefsuse lisamiseks lisada ripsiridu (edasi- ja tagasiread parempidi) ja lisada ka parempidises koes ridu, nii et vahemaa lainete vahel on suurem:
And for a greater definition you can add garter rows (knit RS and WS rows) and also add stockinette rows to make the distance between the waves larger:

Lõpuks võib laine ka laiem olla: siin on mustrikord 17 silmust.
And, finally, the wave can be wider: here the pattern repeat is 17 stitches.

Lainemustreid on üsna palju, siin on vaid osa neist. On ka selliseid, kus mustrikorras on paarisarv silmuseid. Nagu näha, on need mustrid kergesti kohandatavad, nagu vausabakirjadki.
There is quite a lot of wave patterns and here is only a small part. There are patterns that have an even number of stitches as well. As you see, these patterns are really versatile like horseshue patterns are.

6 kommentaari:

Kaja ütles ...

Väga asjalik ülestähendus lainemustri võimalustest!

Robin ütles ...

This project looks so pretty already, thanks for posting the stitch pattern. :)

Anna ütles ...

Kaja, tänan!

Robin, thank you, I am glad somebody finds the post useful.

Kate/Massachusetts ütles ...

Anna, thank you so much for teaching this stitch pattern to us! I have not seen this before and think it would be beautiful in a scarf. Your knitting is beautiful and I am grateful that you share it with us! I cannot wait to play with this! Thanks again!

Kate/Massachusetts ütles ...

Anna, the solid square symbol in your graph, does that mean to purl on the right side/knit on the wrong side?

Also, in your horseshoe lace graph, what does the triangle mean?


Anna ütles ...

Kate, thank you! The solid square is k on RS, p on RS. The horisontal line is p on RS, k on RS. The circle is yo. Slash bent to the rigth is right-slantig decrease, slash bent to the left is left-slanting decrease. The triangle is vertical double decrease (s 1, k 2 tog, psso). Hope this helps.