Reede, 4. veebruar 2011

Mitmesugust/Various matters

Kiired ajad, ei jõua kirjutada, hea veel, et jõuan kududa. Näitan salli, kootud on u. 30 cm. Mõnus lõng ja probeemitu kudum.
The schedule is tight, I don't have time to write, I am glad I still can knit. Here is the scarf, approximately 30 cm done. The yarn is pleasant and the knit is unproblematic.

Sain need lõngad Ungarist. Mis neist tuleb, jäägu mõneks ajaks saladuseks. Reedan ainult, et see on ungari firma Barka, hall on alpaka-villa segu ja lilla on meriino.
I got thes yarns from Hungary. Let it remain a secret for a while what will become of it. I am saying only that it is a Hungarian firm Barka; the gray one is alpaca-wool blend and the purple one is merino.

Ja midagi sellist, mis näitab, et kudumid on igal pool meie ümber.
And something that proves that knitwear is everywhere around us.

Foto autor on Stina Kase, pilt on välismaalastele (põhiliselt soomlastele ja rootslastele) mõeldud ajalehe The Baltic Guide kaanel (veebruar 2011). Päris armas, et on lausa kaks sõlge! Mustrid on palmikud ja vana hea vausabakiri. Kena kombinatsioon, siin on, mida mõelda.
Picture by Stina Kase, the pictures is on the cover of The Baltic Guide magazine, intended for foreign tourists (mainly Finns and Swedes, February 2011). It is cute that the model is wearing two brooches! The stitches are cables and good old horseshoe pattern. It proves to be a fine combination, there is something to think about.

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Madam Butterfly ütles ...

Anna, thank you for writing even when time is tight... Beautiful cover photo! Very inspiring.
I like your green beginning. I started purple and red, but have no time yet to write about that. But I did write about Estonia! :)

Anna ütles ...

Lidia, thank you very much! I try to keep writing, it is somehow important. I am fond of the lace pattern and hope to make a good progress on the scarf. Purple and red, how wonderful! I am going to read your blog:)