reede, 30. märts 2012

Pärlkude/Moss stitch

Jälle vihje. Küll mulle meelidb pärlkude! Ainult et iga lõng ei taha seda. Mõnele lõngale sobib nii tavaline, kui kahekordne pärlkude (nihe toimub 2 rea järel, mitte igas reas), mõnele aga kas üks või teine.
A hint again. I do like moss stitch! Only that not every yarn wants it. Some yarns take both usual and double moss stitch (that is, the shift occures after two rows, not in every row), yet for some it is "either ... or".
Avastasin, et pole ammu pärlkude kasutanud. Läheb ilusti kokku palmikute ja pseudopalmikutega.
I discovered I had not used moss stitch for quite a long time. It goes well together with cables and mock-cables.

3 kommentaari:

Madam Butterfly ütles ...

Oh, I like that! Very classic!

Robin ütles ...

I love moss stitch as well, such a versatile stitch. Looks like a nice beginning.

Anna ütles ...

Lidia, thank you! I imagine something of the kind in Estonian wool. This one is not wool at all but looks as if it were merino.

Robin, thanks! The trouble is that moss stitch is not universal, that is, does not look good in all yarns (differently from stockinette and, probably, garter stitch). I think I will do more experimentation.