Laupäev, 5. august 2017

Neljapäevane tund ja hall sviiter/Thursday's class and grey sweater

Neljapäeval seletasin lühiridade rätiku konstruktsiooni. Esialgu kudusime niisama.
On Thursday I explained the construction of short rows shawl. In the beginning we just knitted.
Siis tuli aeg tundi pidada. Rahvast oli suhteliselt palju. Sonata, tänan piltide eest!
Then the time for the tutorial came. There was relatively a lot of people. Sonata, thanks for the pictures!
Sonta, labai ačiū už nuotraukas!
Lõpuks oli tahvlil selline salapärane pilt (kui pole seletust jälginud, siis küll aru ei saa).
Finally, we ended up with this cryptic picture on the board (if you have not followed the explanation, it remains opaque).
Vahepeal sai valmis hall sviiter. Lähiajal saab ka minu seljas pildistatud, siis kirjutan lähemalt.
Meanwhile the grey sweater has been finished. Soon there will be modelled pictures and then I will write more.

3 kommentaari:

Marry ütles ...

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing, Anna.
Next time seamless, top down, raglan AND short rows? ���� because I like your patterns ❤️
Greatings from the Netherlands.

oldnanny ütles ...

I like the grey sweater sooo much, the sleeves are great. I'm waiting for your next post then :-) All the best!

Anna ütles ...

Marry, thank you very much! Dank u well! Somehow I am not a great fan of raglan but I do it sometimes :). I have several construction ideas on my mind.

Oldnanny, thank you! I wrote about the sleeve's in the next post:)