esmaspäev, 25. juuli 2011

Jälle linane/Linen again

Mezgimo zona poe perenaine Sonata pakkus täna, et võiks teha paar pilti uue kudumi algusest. Kuid pärast üht pilti sai aku tühjaks.
Sonata, the owner of Mezgimo zona yarn shop, suggested today to take some pictures of the initial stage of a new knitting project. After a single shot the battery was empty.

Pole midagi, nagunii ei ole veel palju jõudnud teha. Nimelt murdsin tükka aega pead, mis muster sobiks ja kuidagi ükski muster ei istunud. Otsustasin väga lihtsa lahenduse kasuks.
No problem, in any case not much has been done. Namely, I have spend a lot of time pondering over a suitable stitch pattern and did not like anything. I opted for a very easy solution.

Tuleb lihtne linane jakike, pealeviskamisasi, nagu öeldakse. Seekord koon 2,5 mm vardaga ja tundub päris hea.
It will be a simple linen jacket, a thing to throw on, as they say. This time I am using 2.5 mm needles and the fabric feels quite right.

7 kommentaari:

Diana ütles ...

Anna, I really like it :-)) It does not have to be complicated to be modern and beautiful :-)) I think maybe I need something that simple for that troublesome yarn I wrote to you about ;-))

Kate/Massachusetts ütles ...

I really like the beginnings of your jacket, Anna! Simple is elegant in my opinion.

I am almost done with the lace scarf pattern that you shared with us last winter. It got put aside for many months while I worked on a long project for my local yarn store. I can't wait to wash and block it to see what it finally looks like. I think of you every time I pick up the scarf!

Mia ütles ...

Kylläpä se on kaunis!

Anna ütles ...

Diana, thanks! Maybe simplicity is a solution sometimes when you cannot decide.

Kate, thanks a lot! I hope you will like the final view of the scarf!

Mia, kiitoksia!

Heli ütles ...

Linase lummuses!

Robin ütles ...

Ahh, lovely linen!! Sometimes simple is best, this yarn and stitch pattern combination shall be very pretty. :)

Anna ütles ...

Heli, jah, väga õige!

Robin, thank you. I hope I'll get it right:).