neljapäev, 7. juuli 2011

Proovilapp poodi/A swatch for the shop

On alati hea, kui lõngapoes on esinduslikke proovilappe. Esinduslik tähendab seda, et on ikkagi arusaadav, mis mustrid antud lõngale sobivad, milline on koepind, kuidas värvid vahelduvad jne. Olen Pronksi poe jaoks ka varem proovilappe teinud. Esiteks, saan ise proovida ja otsustada, kas lõng meeldib mulle. Teiseks, omanikul on hea näidata ostjatele. Kolmandaks, ostja is on siis ka targem.
It is always good when a yarn shop has representative swatches. Representative means that it will be clear what patterns are suitable for a particular yarn, what texture the yarn yields, how colours alternate etc. I have done swatching for the Pronksi shop in past, too. First, I can try out and decide whether I like the yarn. Second, for the owner it is good to have a swatch for demonstration to the clients. Third, a client can make a wise choice.

See on hästi peenike lõng. Lausa niit. Siidi ja puuvilla segu. Jämeduse kohta ei oska midagi öelda, lõng on pooli peal. Vardad on 2 mm. Nagu näete, allpool on 6 rida ripskoes, see ripskude näeb välja ise nagu pits.
This is a very thin yarn. Almost a thread. A blend of silk and cotton. I cannot say anything about the weight, the yarn comes in cones. My needles are 2 mm. As you see, there is 6 rows of garter in the bottom and the garter stitch itself looks like lace.

Koepind on hästi õrn. Võib-olla annaks kududa ka kahekordselt, seda ma veel ei tea. Kavatsen kududa ka mõnda muud mustrit, et näha, mis siia sobib.
The fabric is rather delicate. Maybe it is possible to knit with the two strands of yarn, I don't know yet. I intend to knit in another pattern as well in order to see, what fits.

5 kommentaari:

Diana ütles ...

Looks will probably be good for shawls..and silk will add a nice drape:-)

Madam Butterfly ütles ...

Anna, I like your pattern. This yarn looks pretty thin and will be nice for airy projects. I am working with a new yarn for me as well, and it is too a thin one.
I like reading your notes about the yarn. I wrote my thoughts on the yarn that I am working with on my blog.

Anna ütles ...

Diana, thanks. Yes, it looks nice although it requires some skill to knit such a thin and rather soft yarn. It is really a thread, one have to be very patient in order to knit a shawl out of it on 2 mm needles:).

Lidia, thanks a lot. I am going to complete the swatch and after that will decide whether I want it for myself. The problem is the colour choice, this dark blue is the only colour. I am going to read what you wrote about your yarn. It is always good to know.

Robin ütles ...

You must enjoy torture Anna, LOL, knitting with such fine yarn. ;) I agree that swatches are important in making a decision at a yarn shop!

Anna ütles ...

Robin, it is not that the yarn is thin but it is slippery. Otherwise, I have no problems working on 2 mm needles:)