laupäev, 12. november 2011

Triloogia, 2. osa/Trilogy, part II

 Nüüd on  pildid valmis. Miks postitusel on selline pealkiri, võite lugeda siit. Helena kirjeldab kenasti lõngade ostmislugu.
Now I am showing the pictures. If you want to know why the post has such a title, please look here. Helena explains how the yarn was purchased.

Lõng/Yarn: Regia Stretch Colour, 50 m/100 g, 70 % vill/wool, 23 % polüamiid/polyamide, 7 % polüester/polyester, ~230 g.
Vardad/Needles: 4 mm
Pildid/Pictures: Ave 

9 kommentaari:

Anka ütles ...

Śliczny golfik!

Ula Zygadlewicz ütles ...

Przepiękny golf. Masz wspaniałe pomysły!

Diana ütles ...

Looks great Anna :-)) I love the color and the style :-)) I see you did your traditional side lace ;-)) It is a nice touch :-))

Tiina ütles ...

Väga ilus kamps! See krae ja muster hästi täiendavad teineteist

helena ütles ...

It's lovely as your designs always are! My blog is written unfortunately only in Finnish, and, I'm afraid that I did not have energy enough to explain our purchasing process at Ravelry either. So sorry for that! Perhaps we'll correct that when the Part 3 is published:)

Anna ütles ...

Anka, Zulka, dęnkuję bardzo.

Diana, thank you. I am glad the side sitch pattern is visible.

Tiina, aitäh! Krae ei vajunud lössi pärast pesu, see rõõmustab.

Helena, kiitoksia, thank you! Maybe we will correct that when the Part 3 is published and a collective picture taken!

Mia ütles ...

I like your sweater too! Gray is definitely your color! Now I feel some pressure about Part 3 and I'll start soon. There is a short explanation about our purchasing process in my blog

Lila ütles ...

Todella kaunis :)

Anna ütles ...

Mia, kiitos, toivottavasti kolmas osa ilmeistyy pian:)

Lila, kiitoksia!