neljapäev, 3. november 2011


See on nii-öelda vest, aga vestiks ei jää. Tuleb ikka sviiter. Muster on hästi vetruv, sellepärast tundub, et vest on veel lühike, tegelikult aga ulatub juba taljeni. Lõng Regia Stretch Colour on päris meeldiv. Ametlikult sokilõng, kuid kõlbab ka muuks.
It is a so-called vest but it will not remain so. It will become a sweater. The pattern is rather bouncy and this is why it seems that the vest is too short, while in reality it reaches the waist. The yarn Regia Stretch Colour is quite pleasant. Officially, it is a sock yarn but is suitable for other things as well.

2 kommentaari:

Diana ütles ...

It's coming along nicely :-)) Are you going to add a cowl?

Anna ütles ...

Diana, thank you! Yes, there will be a large collar, at least this was the initial idea:).