Laupäev, 9. juuni 2018

Jakk on valmis/The cardi is finished

Nüüd on jakk valmis, näitan pilte. Väga ilus koepind minu arust.
Now the cardi is completed, here are some pictures. I think the fabric is rather nice.
Lõng/Yarn: linane/linen (Siūlas, 100 g/450 m), ~ 500 g (kahekordselt/held double), suurus/size XL
Vardad/Needles: 3 mm

2 kommentaari:

oldnanny ütles ...

Anna, I rarely comment but always peek with curiosity and admire your new knits. This time I just have to leave a mark: what a gorgeous cardi! Fantastic for the summer.
All the best!

Anna ütles ...

Oldnanny, thank you so much, you are always very kind! Have a nice summer!