esmaspäev, 24. november 2014


Ma ei tea, mis on selle mustri ametlik nimi, aga mulle meenutab ta vahvlit. Kristiina, tänan piltide eest!
I don't know the official name of this stich pattern but it reminds me of wafer. Kristiina, thanks for the pictures!
Lõng/Yarn: Liisu (Elotroi), 100 g/360 m, ~350 g
Vardad/Needles: 4,5 mm
Esialgu tahtsin teha püstise kraega (muidu oleks pisut avaram kaelus, aga ka selline pole võimatu). Tegingi laias soonikus. Kuid siis selgus, et kudum on liiga raskepärane. Muster on reljeefne, paks püstkrae tundus liialdusena. Püstkrae tuleb siis mõni teine kord.
At first I wanted to make a turtle-neck collar (otherwise the neck opening would bi slightly wider; still, the current one is not impossible). I made the collar in wide ribbing. But then it became clear that the knit looks too heavy. The stitch pattern has a prominent texture and a thick turtle-neck collar overdid it. Some other time then.

2 kommentaari:

Raveller ütles ...

Lovely stitch. I like the cuffs too. Well, the whole design is very attractive. Any chance of a test knit on Artemis?

Anna ütles ...

Raveller, thank you! I don't know. If there are enough people who like the pattern, I will write it up. Can you talk your knitting friends into it?