neljapäev, 24. september 2015

Pseudopalmikud/Mock cables

Pseudopalmikud on hea võimalus, kui tahaks palmikute efekti, aga ei taha, et kudum oleks visuaalselt raske või lõnga on vähe. Igatahes olen kogenud, et kudumisest kauged inimesed arvavad, et need on palmikud, kuigi tehniliselt ei ole. Siin on vesti algus:
Mock cables are a good opportunity when you want the impression of cables but do not want your knit to be visually heavy or you don't have much yarn. In any case I have witnessed when non-knitters would think these to be cables but technically they are not. Here is the beginning of a vest:
Mõtlesin, et see pilt ei ole kuigi hea, sest muster tõmbab koepinna kokku. Sellepärast tõmbasin vesti padjale "selga". Eesvaade:
I thought this picture is not very good because the stitch pattern makes the fabric contract. This is why I put it on a pillow. Front view:
Back view:
Lõngade kombinatsioonist kirjutan teine kord.
I will write another time about the yarn combination.

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