teisipäev, 26. oktoober 2010


Kudumine jätkub. Sisuliselt pole midagi uut, kavatsen mõne päevaga lõpetada.
The knitting is progressing. Actually nothing very new here, I am going to finish in a couple of days.

Mõned tagantvaated:
Some back views:

Tegin väga õigesti, et riskisin uue konstruktsiooniga. See oli seda väärt.
I was right to risk with a new construction. It was worth it.

2 kommentaari:

Donna D ütles ...

Hi Anna! Hope you are well. I never tire of reading about your creative designs. How do you get so much knitting done?!?


Anna ütles ...

Donna, thank you, this is very kind of you! I am glad you stopped by to say hello!