esmaspäev, 7. märts 2011

Kiirkudum/A swift knit

Alustasin kiirkudumit: jälle väike ürp, seekord Dropsi alpakast, lihtsa mustriga. Üks hõlm on juba valmis ja selg alustatud.
I started a swift knitting project: a small wrap jacket again, this time from Drops alpaca, with a simple stitch pattern. One front piece is finished and the back piece started.

Õige värv on tume sini-roheline. Kes soovib, võib uurida Dropsi kodulehte, värv 7240.
The right colour is dark green-blue. Those who wish can check at Drops homepage, colour 7240.

4 kommentaari:

Madam Butterfly ütles ...

You are amazingly fast, I bet we'll see this finished in no time!

Anna ütles ...

Thanks, Lidia, this is a really swift knit before a serious project I have to design.

Diana ütles ...

Very nice yarn :-)The stitch definition is great and the color is lovely :-))

Anna ütles ...

Deena, thank you! The yarn is really pleasant. You know I have a reservation against too soft yarns but this one is soft but firm as far as draping qualities and stitch definition are concerned.