Reede, 25. märts 2011

Kampsun tütrele/A jacket for my daughter

Talv ei taha veel taganeda. Igal juhul juba hulk aega tagasi tellis tütar kampsuni. Valgega käis terve talv läbi ja käib veelgi, nüüd vaatasime, et päris kena oleks ka punane. Õhtusel ajal ei oska ma punast kuidagi pildistada, ta on siin roosakas. Tegelikult see on Aade Lõng 8/3, täpselt sama värvi, nagu see seelik.
The winter is not going to retreat yet. In any case my daughter ordered a jacket some times ago. She has been wearing the white one throughout the winter, now we decided that a red one would be good to have. In the evening I am not able to take proper pictures of the red yarn, it is pinkish here. In reality it is Aade Lõng 8/3, exactly the same colour as my skirt.

Näitan proovilappi:
I am showing the swatch:

Muster on tütre enda valik.
The lace pattern is my daughter's choice.

3 kommentaari:

Diana ütles ...

lovely lace and color :-))

Madam Butterfly ütles ...

I like both the color and the lace

Anna ütles ...

Diana and Lidia, thank you!