Pühapäev, 27. märts 2011

Vestihakatis/Vest prototype

Kodus on meil juba termin "vestihakatis" või isegi lihtsalt "hakatis". Ei tea, kuidas tõlkida inglise keelde. See on selline staadium, kui käeaugud on olemas ja võib juba selga panna. Nüüd on punane hakatis olemas, siin on tagantvaade: At home it is already a term "vest prototype". I am not sure how to render it in English; in Estonian it is something like a thing or a matter in its initial stage that already has prototypical qualities of the whole. This is a stage when you have armholes and you can already try it on. Now the red prototype from back: Selline on eestvaade: Here is a front view: Ja üldpilt: And a general view: Nagu kirjutasin eelmises postituses, muster on tütre valitud, väiksed "rõngad" on detail, mida olen ka mujal kasutatud ja mida mõlemad tahtsime ka siia. On teatud asümeetrilisus, sakid vaatavad ühes suunas, aga ma jätsin meelega nii, minu arust see ei riku asja. As I wrote in the previous post, the stitch pattern was chosen by my daughter and the red "ringlets" is a detail that I have used elsewhere and both of us decided that it should be present here, too. There is a certain asymmetry, the zigzags look in the same direction but I left it this way on purpose, I think it does not spoil the garment.

4 kommentaari:

Unknown ütles ...

Anna, I love it!
Beautiful color, beautiful pattern!
I can't wait to see it finished, your daughter will be happy for sure!


FadenStille ütles ...

Great pattern, love the look so far....
Greetings Anett

Robin ütles ...

I rather like the lace pattern traveling in the same directions, I feel it gives it a 'flow' like a river. I also like it because you have a group of three repeats on the back and it would possibly be awkward for them to be in opposition. I think your daughter is a lucky girl to have a mom to make such beautiful, custom things for her!

Anna ütles ...

Emanuela, thanks!

Anett, Danke schön!

Robin, thank you for your kind words. It is rather difficult to make something for another person, there is always a risk. You are right about the direction of the lace pattern because it would indeed be awkward on the back.