Laupäev, 23. aprill 2011

Lehed ja lepatriinud/Leaves and lady-bugs

Et alustasin lehemustriga, on juba teada. Nüüd, olles kudunud seda 20 mustrikorda, läksin lepatriinukirjale üle. Jõudsin teha 4 mustrikorda.
You know that I started with a leaf pattern. Now, after having knitted 20 repeats in the pattern, I switched to the pattern called "lady-bug pattern" in Estonian. I have knitted 4 repeats.

Alumisel fotol on värv õigem, ülemisel on aga mustrid selgemad.
The colour is more accurately rendered in the picture below, while the patterns look clearer in the picture above.

Nõnda kavatsen jätkata lepatriinukirjas ja äär tuleb sakiline või laineline.
In this spirit I am going to continue the lady-bug stitch and the edge will be a kind of wave or chevron.

5 kommentaari:

Kate/Massachusetts ütles ...

It's beautiful, Anna! Your knitting is such an inspiration to me! You knit so quickly...if you ever have the opportunity to post a video of you knitting, please do! I would like very much to see how you knit!

Diana ütles ...

Patterns look lovely together :-))

Kaja ütles ...

Väga armas sallike!

Madam Butterfly ütles ...

It looks darling! You amaze me with your knitting speed and wealth of ideas!

Anna ütles ...

Kate, thank you! Actually, I don't knit fast, if you mean the physical speed of moving needles.

Diana, thank you!

Kaja, suur tänu!

Lidia, thanks a lot! I am glad you like it.