pühapäev, 14. august 2011


Valmis! Niisugune ta on enne niisutamist ja kuivatamist.
Finished! This is how it looks like before I make it wet and put drying.

Ei pinguta, pole vajadust, lihtsalt laotan laiali ja lasen kuivada.
I do not block it, there is no need, just put it on a towel and let dry.

Korralikud pildid homme või ülehomme.
Proper pictures tomorrow or after tomorrow.

3 kommentaari:

Madam Butterfly ütles ...

Anna, the pattern looks interesting! Looking forward to the post blocking photos.

Diana ütles ...

I think blocking with pins might stretch the jacket, if you stretch too hard. I would also just put it down to dry like you did. Sometimes I pin down the edges without stretching at all. This prevents them from rolling. Looking forward to pictures on you :-))

Anna ütles ...

Lidia, thanks a lot! Now you can see the "right" pictures.

Diana, thank you. I usually don't block jackets etc with pins because I don't mean stretching them. I do the same with edges if they are not straight due to a lace pattern. Now you can see pictures of me wearing the wrap:)