pühapäev, 21. august 2011

Segane pilt/Unclear picture

Pilt ei ole segane otseses mõttes, s.o. pole nii, et foto pole terav, vaid pilti vaadates ei saa veel aru, mis toimub.
The picture is unclear not in the straight sense, that is, it is not like the photo is blurred but looking at the picture you have no idea what is going on.

Nõnda on, sest krae on veel üsna väike. Kui ta on suurem, on selgem.
This is because the collar is too little yet. When it will have grown bigger, it will be more clear.

Krae on kahekordsest mustast mohäärist. Tegelikult on kontrast halli sviitri ja musta krae vahel pisut suurem.
The collar is from a black mohair, held double. In reality the contrast between the grey sweater and the black collar is a little bigger.
Minu käest on küsitud sviitri konstruktsiooni kohta. Olen juba sellest konstruktsioonist kirjutanud, aga sellel konstruktsioonil on potentsiaali (s.o. võib alustada samamoodi ja pärast jõuda hoopis millegi muuni välja), sellepärast kirjutan kunagi hiljem eraldi postituse.
I have been asked about the construction of the sweater. I have written about this construction elsewhere; as this construction has a great potential (that is, you can start in the same way but then do something completely different), I am going to write a special post about it later.

3 kommentaari:

FadenStille ütles ...

I love this construction, no seems one piece of beauty.....

Madam Butterfly ütles ...

Anna, I like your gray inspiration! I am in a gray mood myself. Just started a couple of projects in a gray yarn.

Anna ütles ...

Anett, Danke schön!

Lidia, thank you! By now you probably know that gray is one of my favourite colours. Hope to show modelled pictures soon.