laupäev, 20. juuli 2013

Vilniuses/In Vilnius

Olen Vilniuses ja jään siia 4-ks nädalaks. Vilnius on muuhulgas rõdude linn, näitan paar pilti, millel pole kudumisega pistmist.
I am in Vilnius and will stay here for 4 weeks. Among other things, Vilnius is a city of balconies and I am going to show a couple of pictures that have nothing to do with knitting.
Nüüd kudumise juurde. Plaanid on järele proovida igasugu segusid, nt kokku panna linane lõng mohääriga vms. Sellest tuleb kindlasti postitusi. Leppisime kokku Mezgimo zona poes, et teen ka ühe loengu (see on juba traditsioon). Linast lõnga on poes küllalt (piltidel pole sugugi kogu sortiment).
Now to the knitting. My plans are to try out mixing yarns, for instance, knitting linen together with mohair etc. I will certainly post on the topic. We agreed in the Mezgimo zona shop that I would hold a lecture there (it has already become a tradition). There is plenty of linen in the shop (the pictures do not show the entire choice).
Ning poe embleem, kuduv lammas tervitab firmakotikeselt.
And the logo of the shop, the knitting sheep, is greeting from the shop bag.

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