neljapäev, 25. juuni 2015

Asjade seis/Update

Vahepeal on valmis saanud puuvillane sviiter ja linane topp. Aga ei tea, millal saab pildistada, sest ilm pole üldse suvine, väljas on kõle. Ühe sviitri pildi tegi täna Maiu, suur tänu! Loeme seda piilukaks.
I have finished a cotton sweater and a linen top in the meantime. But I have no clue when it would be possible to take pictures because there is no summer weather at all and it is freezing outside. Maiu took a picture of the sweater today, thanks a lot! Please consider it as a sneak peek.
Linase topi pilt on siin. Loodan, et saan seda siiski kanda sel aastal. Kirjutan sellest hiljem pikemalt, kui saab korralikke pilte.
Here is a picture of the linen top. I still hope to be able to wear it this year. I will write more about it later once I have proper pictures.

2 kommentaari:

DutchKnitty ütles ...

I love this simple top, would be great in the linen i have in stash.. Topdown?

Anna ütles ...

Astrid, thank you! Yes, of course, topdown! I have Watercollar top formula on Ravelry, it is a recipe rather than a pattern but many have done it:
Once the weather allows, I will have proper photos taken and I will write more about this one, it is slightly different than described in the recipe.