reede, 20. mai 2016

Töös/Under construction

Peaaegu valmis, aga tuleb veel lõpetada mustikord ja kududa mõned read ripsis.
Almost finished but I have to complete the pattern repeat and to add some gater stich rows.
Lõng on üsna pehme puuvillane Amber (Midara), 100 g/660 m. Vardad 3 mm.
The yarn is a rather soft cotton Amber (Midara), 100 g/660 m. Needles 3 mm.
Nagu arvata võib, sellest tuleb rätik. Koepind pole eriti langev, aga et mitu korda ümber kaela mässida, sobib küll.
As you can imagine, this will be a shawl. The fabric is not draping very well but it is good enough to wrap several times around your neck.

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