esmaspäev, 30. mai 2016

Topp värskes Käsitöös/My top in the fresh issue of Käsitöö

Käsitöö suvenumbris on ilmunud topi õpetus. Ajakirja jaoks kudusin mündirohelisest lõngast.
My pattern appeared in the summer issue of Käsitöö. I used mint green yarn for the magazine sample.

Ehk mäletate, et alguses kudusin endale sellise.
Maybe you remember that in the beginning I made this one for myself.
Nagu näha, stilistika on väga erinev ja seega üldmulje võib olla ka väga erinev..
As you can see, the styling is quite different and, therefore, a general impression may be very different, too.

3 kommentaari:

Jagoda Smith ütles ...

Congratulations. I like the simplicity of your design; it gives the garment versatility (as shown by the two different colour and style choices).

Anna ütles ...

Jagoda Smith, thank you very much, you are very generous.

oldnanny ütles ...

It must be soooo nice for you to see your own project published :-) It's certainly a pleasure for the readers. I personally prefer your own gray version, it's so much "yours" and I suspect I would like more this calm colour than any other in my summer wardrobe :-) Congratulations!