pühapäev, 2. detsember 2012

2 valmisasja pildistatud/2 finished project photographed

Lõpuks pildid! Valget aega on vähe, õues on külm, saab pildistada ainult sees. Võib-olla peaks pildistama uuesti soojemal aastaajal, mil saab ka väljas poseerida. Ave, tänan  piltide eest! Pildistamine võttis täna tükk aega.
Finally the pictures! Light time is very short, it is cold outside and pictures can be taken only indoors. Maybe I should have new pictures taken in a warmer season when it is possible to pose outdoors. Ave, thanks for the pictures! The photosession took a lot of time today.
Lõng/Yarn: (1) King Kid Silk (Classic Yarns), 25 g/210 m,  70 % mohäär/mohair, 30 % siid/silk, ~75 g;
(2) BBB merinos extra (BBB Philati), 100 % meriino/merino, 100 g/1500 m, ~56 g 
Vardad/Needles: 4 mm
Ja siin on rätik. Olen kirjutanud, et lõng meeldis mulle väga.
And here is the shawl. I have written that I liked the yarn quite a lot.
Lõng/Yarn: Laceweight BFL (Rebel Yarn), 100 % vill/wool, 100 g/800 m, ~100 g
Vardad/Needles: 3 mm

5 kommentaari:

Diana ütles ...

Beautiful new designs Anna in such a lovely colors :-)

FadenStille ütles ...

Ihr seid füreinander gemacht, ihr drei, Anna, Pullover und Tuch....
Great team Anna - shirt - shawl...

Madam Butterfly ütles ...

Anna, your knits are beautiful! I totally understand your issue with lighting. We are having such low clouds and heavy rains every day, there is no way to take photos.

murdo ütles ...

Adore the neckline.

Anna ütles ...

Diana, thank you! I love the colours, indeed!

Anett, vielen Dank, das ist ganz schön gesagt!

Lida, thank you! Well, we have this usual issue of northern winter. On the other hand, we have some snow that brightens up the landscape.

Mudro, thans a lot!