Kolmapäev, 19. detsember 2012

Mis on tulemas/What is coming up

Esiteks, tulemas on selle jaki õpetus veel enne pühi. Varajastele ostjatele ka väike üllatus!
First of all, the pattern for this jacket is coming up before the holidays. There will be a surprise for early buyers!
Teiseks, on tulemas selle rätiku õpetus ja loosimine minu blogis.
Second, the pattern for this shawl is coming together with a giveaway on my blog.
Suure kraega punane sviiter on valmis ja kuivab. Loodetavasti saan lähiajal pildistada. Plaanis on veel mõni Helmut Langi tõlgendus.
The red sweater with the big collar is finished and drying. Hopefully I will be able to take pictures in the nearest future. I am planning also an interpretation of Helmut Lang.

2 kommentaari:

Madam Butterfly ütles ...

Anna, like your purple projects! The shawl is very pretty!

Anna ütles ...

Lidia, thank you! The pattern is on Ravelry now and the testers have linked their projects. And the shawl pattern is coming soon. Purple is one of my colours, you are right!