laupäev, 6. september 2014


Sviiter on nüüd valmis, loodetavasti homme saab ka minu seljas pildistatud.
The sweater is finished and hopefully there will be modelled photos tomorrow.
Nagu enne räägitud, alustasin abilõngaga, kuna krae materjal ei olnud kindel. Samuti on tihti nii, et on raske otsustada, kas krae tuleb või mitte. Sellisel juhul võib jätta endale mõtlemisaega. Iseenesest pole mul muidugi midagi selle vastu, et alustada kraest.
As stated before, I started with a waste yarn because I was not sure about the yarn for the collar. Also it happens quite frequently that it is difficult to decide whether there will be a collar at all. In this case you can get yourself some time for making up your mind. Of course, in principle I have nothing against starting right from the collar.

2 kommentaari:

fenci ütles ...

You are amazing working so quick! Love these simple knits a lot!

Anna ütles ...

Fenci, thank you very much!