reede, 6. aprill 2018

Topp on valmis/The top is finished

Topp on valmis, aga väljas pildistamisega on häda: päike ja tuul. Seetõttu on üks pilt hoopis selline.
The top is finished but there is a problem with taking pictures outdoors: sun and wind. This is why one of the pictures is like this:
Ma ei ole veel kaalunud, arvan, et kulunud on u 150 g ehk 600 m. Koepind on mõnus. Ajab natuke viltu (mõingate linaste omadus), aga kandes pole märgata.
I have not weighed it yet, probably, some 150 g or 600 m is used up. The fabric is lovely. It is slightly biased (a feature of some linen yarns) but this is not visible when wearing.

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