Laupäev, 7. august 2010

Mitmesugust/Various matters

Eile ei saanud postitada, kuna palavuse tõttu oli probleeme ühendusega. Uskumatu asi! Aitäh kõigile kommenteerijatele, kes seelikut kiitsid! Ei ole veel midagi alustanud, mõtlen, mida teha:
Yesterday I could not post because, due to the heat, there were connection problems. Unbelievable! Thank you to all who praised the skert! I have not yet started anything, I am thinking:

Neljapäeval kogunes klubi. Seekord oli rohkem kudujaid, kuigi palavus on jube.
The knitting club gathered on Thursday. This time there were more knitters, although the heat is terrible.
Aga ei kootud sugugi ainult suvelõngu, vaid igasuguseid.
But they knitted all kind of yarns, not only the summer ones.

Loodan järgmine kord näidata juba millegi algust, kui palavus lubab.
I hope to be able to show a beginning of something next time, if the heat lets me.

4 kommentaari:

Robin ütles ...

That looks like a nice bunch of ladies to knit with, everyone is smiling, despite the heat! It is very hot and humid here too, but soon the temperatures will drop and we can work with heavy yarns as we sit by the fireplace and watch the snow fall. :)

Anna ütles ...

Robin, thank you, the heat is really unusual and the internet is misbehaving. However, I hope to be able to work with heavy yarns and to sit by the fireplace (actually, I have one at home:)).

Diana ütles ...

Love that purple yarn :-)) I hope you knit something from it. Is it wool or linen?

Anna ütles ...

Deena, thanks, this is actually mohair:). I think I will buy some linen here, too.