pühapäev, 1. juuli 2012

Diagnoos on selge/The diagnosis is clear

Kui mõni asi kudumi puhul ei meeldi, peab alati välja selgitama, mis nimelt ei meeldi. Kas kude on liiga tihke või mustrid ei sobi kokku või mustri paigutus on vale või  veel midagi. Siis on selge, mida ja kuidas parandada. Diagnoos on antud juhul "jäikus". Puuvill on liiga jäik, sellepärast ei hoiagi sats ilusti, nagu näiteks siin: 
If you dislike something about your project, it is always necessary to find out what exactly is wrong. The fabric is too dense or the stitch patterns do not match or the place of the stitch pattern is not right etc. Then you know what and how to improve. In this case the diagnosis was "stiffness". Cotton is too stiff, that is why ruffle does not hold beautifully, as here:
Sellepärast otsustasin, et satsi asemel tuleb auguline äär ja kudusin maha hästi lõdvalt.
This is why I decided that instead of the ruffle there will be an eyelet edge and bound off very loosely.

Paremad pildid hiljem.
Better pictures will appear later.

2 kommentaari:

Robin ütles ...

Anna, I like the change you made to the eyelets. Trusting your instincts is such great advice. Thanks for sharing the details as I think it is helpful for people to see that the process of designing is not always a straight path!

Anna ütles ...

Rogin, thank you! It is also useful for myself because often one forgets the details.