neljapäev, 26. juuli 2012

Peaaegu/Almost there

Pole eriti aega kirjutada, püüan vabal ajal kududa. Palavus on siin 30 kraadi, mis on liig. Ka õhtul kl 5-6 paiku on küllalt palav. Varrukad on juba valmis, arvan, et selline pikkus on paras. Ma ei teinud eriti palju kahandusi: pärast ühendamist 3-s mustrikorras (kõrguses) 1 kord 2 silmust (-6 silmust), pärast kudusin 6 mustrikorda kahandusteta, siis kahandasin veel üks kord 2 silmust ja lõpuks ripskoelises ääres korraga 4 silmust. Kahanduste rütmi saab reguleerida, kogu aeg selga proovides. Nüüd oleks vaja veel 3-4 mustrikorda alla kududa ja kudum on valmis. Loodan näidata varsti juba valmiskudumit. Ave, tänan pildistamast!
I have little time to write and try to knit in my free time. The heat is here around 30 degrees Celsius, which is too much. In the evening around 5-6 p.m. it is quite hot. The sleeves are ready and I believe this length is right. I did not make many decreases: after joining I decreased in 3 repeats (in the hihgt) 1 time 2 stitches (-6 stitches), then I knitted 6 repeats without decreases, then decreased 2 stitches ones more and, finally, decreased 4 stitches at once in the garter edging. The rythm of decreases can be ajusted by trying on every now and then and looking what is right for you. Now I need 3-4 repats more and the sweter will be finished. I hope to show you the finished sweater next time. Ave, thanks for the picture!

4 kommentaari:

Diana ütles ...

Wow Anna :-)) I just love this color on you :-)) This is going to be a very lovely sweater :-))

Madam Butterfly ütles ...

Anna, I agree with Diana, this color suits you very well! This is going to be a beautiful sweater!

Ghislaine ütles ...

Sieht toll aus! Liebe Grüße Annette

Anna ütles ...

Diana, thank you!

Lidia, thank you. The colour is the right kind of red for me.

Annette, vielen Dank! Ich bin zufrieden.